Norton is one of the oldest antivirus security software available in the market. It is launched and marketed by Symantec Corporation. It was introduced as an anti-malware and antivirus software program in 1991 and from then, it has been serving people continuously with very good feedback and response from its users. Now, Norton is one of the most preferred brand names in the world of antiviruses. It can be easily run on any supportive devices such as Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

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It offers a trial package along with paid subscriptions with attractive and user-friendly features. Symantec’s Norton uses heuristics and signatures to detect and scan viruses. Apart from these interesting features, Norton also provides web security along with phishing protection and e-mail spam filtering options. In order to avail its features and services; users need to visit the site at Norton.com/setup.

About Norton Activation Key

Norton Activation key is the 25 digits of secure keys used to renew a subscription. It is also used for taking a new subscription. These keys are split-up into five distinct sections and each section comprises five alphanumeric keys that should be used safely and securely.

To activate or renew your subscription plan, visit the site at www.norton.com/setup.

Specs and System Requirements

It is recommended to check the system requirements before going through any Norton setup process.

Read these steps carefully and make sure that you are ready with all these requirements:

  • Ensure that your device is connected to a stable or strong Wi-Fi connection.
  • Then, make sure your browser is updated to the recent update version.
  • You have to check and make sure that the device, be it a smartphone or computer, runs with the recently updated Operating System.
  • Remove antivirus or corrupted files, if any.
  • Then, read the user guide of Norton setup available at the site norton.com/setup.

Instructions to Download and Install Norton Antivirus Setup

Follow these guidelines:

  • Get access to the account page of Norton by tapping the link twice: norton.com/setup. For this task, you can use any compatible browser available on your machine.
  • After a bit, you will be automatically brought to the Norton webpage.
  • Now, you have to hit the Login tab and type all the asking credentials. Press the Sign-Up tab if you are new and want to get registered with Norton antivirus consumer family. If you tapped the Sign-up button, then you have to fill-up the account creation page. After successful account creation, login to Norton using the necessary credentials.
  • If you have already logged in into your account, then hit the Get Started tab.
  • Input activation key if asked.
  • Now, choose the subscription plan as per your comfort.
  • After that, select the device type from the provided options.
  • Then, tap the Next button.
  • You may choose the auto-renewal option by tapping the relevant button.
  • Read the user agreement page thoroughly.
  • Hit the Accept button.
  • Tap on Next.
  • Type your billing address in the asking area.
  • Now, a download prompt will come, and you have to press the Download and continue button. If you have more than one Norton product, then choose the one that you desire to download.
  • In case if it asks for confirmation, tap the Yes tab.
  • Hit the Load More tab if the Norton product you desire to locate does not appear on your screen.
  • Follow the guidelines displayed on your screen.
  • Now, tap the Agree button on the Terms and Conditions page.
  • Wait for a little for the downloading to finish.
  • Once you get the downloaded file successfully, double click on the same to execute for installation.
  • Now, Norton’s prompt box will appear, and you have to press the “Yes, Install” button.

Note: If, at any stage, you feel uncomfortable with installation instructions, then take the help of Norton Software at Norton.com/setup.

  • It may ask to provide login details for the authentication process, type the same as asked.
  • Now, press the Continue button.
  • Input activation key if prompted.
  • After that, tap the Yes button if it asks for confirmation.
  • Read the terms and conditions section entirely for a smooth installation procedure.

Steps to Install Norton in Mac

Follow the process given for successful installation:

  • Click the “Install” after opening your file.
  • Before proceeding further, give a brief read to “Norton Community Watch”.
  • Norton Community Watch monitors if any risky site approaches your device and sends the report to the Norton.
  • After that, enter your correct login credentials.
  • “Install Helper” option will come up.
  • Click it and then proceed with the “Restart”.
  • Jump to the Norton installation window and choose “Open Preferences”.
  • A “System Extension Blocked” alert will come up.
  • Choose the “Open Security Preferences.”
  • Tap the “Lock” option in the “Security & Privacy” screen.
  • Once you enter the login ID and password, it will unlock.
  • Tap the “Allow”.
  • Continue with the Norton installation.
  • If you choose “Allow” there, Norton will watch the network and restrict the unwanted sites.
  • Go to the “Open Preferences” in the window.
  • Take a look at “Norton System Extension” if it is working with the “Security & Privacy” tab.
  • Come back to the Norton installation window.
  • Tap “Complete.”

Steps to Install Norton in Android

Follow the process given below for installing Norton in Android:

  • Open the primary page of Norton Antivirus.
  • “Download Norton from Google Play” will come up.
  • Click on it.
  • The Play Store will open.
  • Select the “Install” option.
  • Accept the terms and go further with installation.
  • Open your app once the installation is over.
  • It would be better if you go through the “Norton License Agreement,” “Terms of Use,” and “Norton Mobile Privacy Policy.”
  • Mention your account details and “Sign-In.”

Steps to Install in iPhone or iPad

Follow the steps given below to install the Norton software on your iPad or iPhone:

  • Open any browser of your iPad or iPhone.
  • Go to the Norton’s page.
  • A small window saying, “Download Norton from Apple Store”, will appear.
  • Tap it.
  • The Apple Store will open.
  • Touch the “Get” option.
  • Downloading will start.
  • After downloading, open the app.
  • Start the app.
  • Go through the Terms & Agreement.
  • Enter your login ID and password.

Instructions to Activate Norton Setup

Activate the subscription plan of Norton setup by following these guidelines:

  • First of all, you have to locate the file that you have recently installed on your machine. Use the search bar for quick searching.
  • Once the file is found, then perform a double click on it to open.
  • Note: If you view the screen of Norton antivirus setup beside Device Security, then tap on Open to launch the same Norton setup
  • Reach the Norton antivirus main page using the link norton.com/setup and then tap the Activate Now link option situated just after the Subscription Status at the lowermost section.
  • Now, type the activation key securely to activate your product.
  • If you wish to renew your existing subscription plan, get access to the My Norton tab, and then choose the Help button there. Hit the Enter Activation Key tab available just beneath the section of Account Information.
  • Once you have entered the activation key securely, read the license agreement page properly, and abide by Norton’s rules.
  • Then wait for some time for the product to get activated.